Stunning 2024 Floral Wall Calendar!

2024 Calendar – 12 Monthly Wall Calendar is a floral-themed calendar for the year 2024. It features a beautiful floral design on its cover and includes 12 monthly pages from January to December. The calendar measures 15″ x 11.5″ and is made with thick, high-quality paper. It has a twin-wire binding that allows for easy flipping of pages, and a hanging hook for convenient display on the wall. Each monthly page has large unruled blocks, providing ample space for writing down appointments, events, and reminders. Additionally, the calendar includes Julian dates, making it practical for tracking important dates. With its attractive design and functional features, this calendar is a perfect organizing tool for any home or office.



Stay Organized and Stylish with the 2024 Floral Wall Calendar

If you are someone who likes to plan ahead and stay organized, the 2024 Floral Wall Calendar is the perfect tool for you. With its beautiful floral design, thick paper, and large unruled blocks, this calendar offers both functionality and aesthetics.

The calendar spans from January 2024 to December 2024, allowing you to easily keep track of important dates, appointments, and events throughout the entire year. The large unruled blocks provide ample space for you to write down all your plans and reminders, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

One of the standout features of this calendar is its thick paper, which prevents ink bleed-through and provides a smooth writing surface. This means that you can use your favorite pens or markers without worrying about smudging or ruining the pages.

The twin-wire binding and hanging hook make it easy to hang the calendar on your wall or bulletin board, keeping it easily accessible and visible at all times. The Julian dates included in each month allow for easy referencing and coordination with other organizational systems.

Elevate Your Workspace with Floral Elegance

Not only is the 2024 Floral Wall Calendar highly functional, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any workspace or living area. The beautiful floral design brings a pop of color and visual interest to your surroundings, making it a joy to look at every day.

Whether you choose to hang it in your home office, kitchen, or study space, this calendar will undoubtedly elevate the aesthetic of your surroundings. Its 15″ x 11.5″ size strikes the perfect balance between being spacious enough to write in and compact enough to fit in any area.

By using the 2024 Floral Wall Calendar, you can not only stay organized but also add a stylish touch to your daily life. It serves as a constant reminder of your plans and goals, helping you stay focused and motivated throughout the year. With its durable construction and eye-catching design, this calendar is a must-have for anyone seeking both functionality and beauty in their organizational tools.

2024 Floral Wall Calendar with Thick Paper and Large Unruled Blocks

– Manufacturer: Lemome Home
– Brand: Lemome Home
– Item Weight: 8.1 ounces
– Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 11.5 x 0.1 inches
– Item model number: LHHGHGL78B13
– Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
– Color: Blue1
– Size: Medium
– Manufacturer Part Number: LHHGHGL78B13
– Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars, 1,344 ratings
– Best Sellers Rank: #4,603 in Office Products, #165 in Wall Calendars (Office Products)
– Date First Available: May 9, 2021
– Warranty & Support: Voluntary 30-Day Return Guarantee
– Functional Details: Sturdy twin-wire binding, federal holidays highlighted, hanging hook, ruled daily blocks
– Professional Content Design: 12 months of monthly calendar pages, holidays marked, julian date, floral patterns
– Guaranteed Quality: Thick pages, bright white paper, well-balanced color ink
– 2-in-1 Features: Can be used as a wall calendar or desk pad

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2024 Floral Monthly Wall Calendar Features:

  • Thick paper to prevent ink bleed-through
  • January 2024 – December 2024
  • Large unruled blocks for easy writing and planning
  • Twin-wire binding for easy flipping and durability
  • Hanging hook for convenient display on the wall
  • Includes Julian dates for accurate tracking
  • Beautiful floral design to add a touch of elegance
  • Size: 15″ x 11.5″ for ample space and visibility
  • Perfect for staying organized and on top of your schedule
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